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Recent Marvel’s Avengers update exposes PS5 user’s IPs

Marvels Avengers

One of the most recent patches for Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 accidentally exposed the IP addresses and screens of all players on the platform. This is a massive concern for any users who use the game’s screenshot function or stream it.

The issue was picked up fairly quickly by both players and press outlets. With some streamers playing the game for viewers, they all picked up on what they could see, and journalists found the issue through the screenshots they were taking.

Square Enix published a post on Twitter as soon as the issue started to gain traction. The company called it a bug where a string of text would appear on the screen. In reality, that text showed the IP address of the user, making it easy for those who know how to track down the exact location of the person playing the game.

The publisher took two hours to investigate the issue before telling all players that a fix was in the works, but users would have to wait. The company then added that all players should refrain from streaming the game or taking screenshots until the patch had been pushed.

This is just the latest in a long line of issues that have plagued Marvel’s Avengers since launch. The game is set in a beloved universe with characters that have worldwide fan bases. However, the implementation of the game’s mechanics is poor, and many fans only continue to play for the simple pleasure of seeing the characters on-screen.

A fix for this issue has now been pushed out for all PS5 players. Thankfully, Square Enix takes privacy issues seriously enough that it had developers at Crystal Dynamics working as hard as possible to get this fix done as soon as possible.

This year, Marvel’s Avengers’ first big expansion is due to launch, War for Wakanda. While the Black Panther addition to the game is highly anticipated, the fan base for Marvel’s Avengers is still shrinking by the day. If fixes and new gameplay mechanics aren’t implemented soon, there won’t be many people around to enjoy the game’s expansion when it launches.

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