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PUBG to release on all platforms in the future and expand beyond a game


In a recent interview CEO of PUBG developer, PUBG Corp, Chang Han Kim said that he hopes that one day PUBG will be available on all platforms. Not just that, he also has a vision for the game’s future that involves it becoming a universal media franchise, including movies, TV, and video games.

PUBG launched in early access for PC early last year. The game was an instant success thanks to the ingenious implementation of the Battle Royale multiplayer match. The game was created by the man who made the most famous Battle Royale mod for ARMA 2, but PUBG brings the original vision to life without the need to compromise because of game engine limitations.

PUBG left early access late in 2017 and launched on Xbox One in December. The game is available on the console as part of a timed exclusive deal with Microsoft, but from what’s being said about the game it’s likely that a Playstation 4 version will be on the way within a year or so.

While the Xbox One version of PUBG is still technically part of the Game Preview Program, an early access program for the console, it managed to sell 1 million copies in the first 48 hours. This is a testament to how popular the game is already, and there are even more players on PC.

Kim spoke about his aspirations for the game’s future as a universal media franchise. The developer sees a future for the game in movies, drama, cartoons, and animation, with a couple of phone calls already made to PUBG Corp relating to Hollywood and Netflix developers.

The other big opportunity for PUBG is as an eSports platform. The game already has millions of players worldwide and a number of categories to compete in, including team matches, solo matches, and first person only matches. The game is sure to be popular enough to attract a large sponsor in order to fund events and prize pools, all that’s left is for PUBG Corp to decide when the game will make the jump and in what way.

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