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Why Pokemon Go is re-sparking interest

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go swept the world by storm with its release earlier this year but, like with many popularity booms, the excitement eventually began to dry. People began to lose interest in the game because it produced no large content updates. With recent events Pokémon Go is once again hitting a great stride, as large updates have been coming out, plus the popularity of recently released Pokémon Sun and Moon games is helping to resurge the popular app game.

The biggest update that has gathered attention is the addition of baby Pokémon from the second generation of Pokémon games. These can’t be caught, but only hatched from eggs, and they can all evolve into familiar generation one Pokémons already available, except for Togepi which has a second generation evolution that is not yet available. This has got fans extremely excited as there may well be an update to add the entirety of the second generation’s roster just around the corner. The excitement of new Pokémon coupled with the fact that the second generation of Pokémon is widely considered one of the series’ peaks gives a formula for a second wave of success. The developer also added a festival Pikachu that can be caught in the wild wearing a Santa hat, and it will keep the hat upon evolving into Raichu.

There are also several updates that have improved the general gameplay of Pokémon Go. The Pokémon tracking feature has been fixed, which made finding any Pokémon in your area much easier. Players are also able to select a “buddy” Pokémon that gains more candies as players travel with that Pokémon selected as buddy. This allows players to gather candies from all those rare Pokémon that they couldn’t take the time to evolve before. This also ties into the added babies previously mentioned, as when they are set as buddy player’s avatar cradles them in their arms as if they were a real baby and it is quite awesome. Pokémon Go has some exciting things coming and the new features and fixes have pulled the game back into the spotlight and it will likely continue to stay there for some time.

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