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Pokémon GO Details Leaked

Pokemon GO

The first official entry of the Pokémon franchise into the world of mobile gaming is approaching its release date. Pokémon GO is currently undergoing beta testing, and details of the game have subsequently been leaked.

Information from the upcoming mobile game was collected and posted by a user on the Pokémon GO Reddit community, which was then reported by GameSpot. The leaks—which include images, info and videos—were uploaded by gamers who were given access to the early version of the game.

A large amount information about the game’s features has been leaked so far. Details on the numbers and types of Pokémon, their moves and abilities, as well as many other features of the Pokémon game have been posted to the internet.

The leaked material reported that Pokémon GO will include the original 151 monsters from the original Red/Blue/Yellow generation. These Pokémon are said to be categorised into normal, legendary and mythic classes. All Pokémon types will be included in the game, including Fairy, Dark and Steel types. GameSpot mentioned that some of the original Pokémon’s types have been changed to reflect new additions.

A reported 232 moves and abilities are said to be included in the game’s current form. 95 of these are said to be ‘quick’ moves. Pokémon evolution is said to work by collecting ‘evolution shards’ to create ‘evolution stones’. It is unclear whether most Pokémon still evolve in the typical fashion of reaching a certain level.

Beta testers of Pokémon GO have found evidence of microtransactions within the game. They have reported that in-app purchases are available for gamers who want to buy Pokéballs, medicines, food and other items. The leaks suggested that there are four tiers of different purchases, presumably relating to the amount and price of content.

The augmented reality game, Pokémon GO—developed by Niantic for iOS and Android—will release in 2016.

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