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PEGI Might Alter Ratings System for VR


The European games rating agency PEGI has suggested that virtual reality gaming might bring about a change in their classifications system.

As Europe’s main ratings body for games, the Pan European Game Information system gives games a suitable age rating based on the games’ content.

PEGI currently classify games by the age of the players the game is suitable for—3, 7, 12, 16, and 18—which is decided on the types of content found in the game. Bad language, discrimination, drugs, fear, gambling, sex, violence, and online gameplay are taken into account when rating a game.

The onset of VR gaming has made PEGI’s operations director consider a review of its classifications. Dirk Bosmans said to MCVUK that the criteria of fear and horror in games may need to be re-examined in light of virtual reality.

Presumably, he considers that VR may add an extra dimension of realism that could greatly enhance the aspects of fear in horror games.

VR will certainly change the way players experience games, so it stands to reason that regulatory bodies such as PEGI change their classifications to reflect that.


PEGI Categories

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