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Nvidia to Introduce PS4-like Game Streaming Feature to PC

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Nvidia, producers of a range of PC graphical processing units, have announced that a game streaming feature similar to the PS4’s Share Play will be coming to owners of Nvidia graphics cards.

These updates will be added to the GeForce Experience app, which has features including automatic optimal settings detection, video capturing and Twitch streaming.

From September, Nvidia will be developing GeForce by adding a number of new features. A new interface to use video capture and Twitch streaming, an integrated capability to upload to YouTube and the new streaming service called GameStream Co-Op.

With “low-latency, low-overhead” technology, GameStream Co-Op lets you invite your friends into your game to play with you over the Internet.

The features include letting your friends simply watch you play, jump into the game in supported multiplayer games like Fifa 15, Gauntlet or Mortal Kombat Komplete and even take control of your game to get you through a difficult level in games like The Witcher 3.

An update link to the early access beta of the new GeForce Experience update will arrive in September for all owners of Nvidia graphics cards. The systems requirements can be seen here.

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