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Nintendo Indie World Showcase March 2020 roundup

Nintendo Indie World Showcase - March 2020

On March 17, 2020, Nintendo held an Indie World Showcase. The online event was a stream that showcased all of the indie games coming to Nintendo Switch over the course of 2020. Read on for a complete roundup of the games that were mentioned.

Exit the Gungeon
The sequel to Enter the Gungeon is a highly-anticipated game, but Switch fans didn’t have long to wait. The game launched for Nintendo’s hybrid console yesterday after the stream, bringing more weapon-changing action to players as they attempt to escape the Gungeon via elevators.

The Last Campfire
Hello Games’ new title is called The Last Campfire, and launches in summer 2020. While the developer is best known for their expansive space MMO, this new game is far smaller in scope. Players take on the role of a character seeking to recover the lost embers of a darkened world, bringing hope where it can no longer be found.

Blue Fire
Blue Fire comes from developer Robi Studios. Players are tasked with exploring a long lost kingdom, uncovering secrets that have been forgotten for generations. The game will launch as a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch in summer 2020.

Baldo is a new game from Naps Team, launching as a timed exclusive for Switch this summer. The game is an action RPG with puzzles to solve and dungeons to fight through, promising some immersive action for Switch gamers later this year.

I Am Dead
From developer Hollow Ponds, I Am Dead is an intriguing puzzle adventure game that allows players to use ghostly powers to solve mysteries within a world that is controlled by someone who is dead. The game will launch as a timed Switch exclusive in 2020.

From developer Tic Toc Games, B.ARK is a side-scrolling shooter in which players take on the role of animals saving the solar system. The game is made for multiplayer, and will be a hit with groups of friends when it launches as a timed Switch exclusive in late 2020.

Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse: Part 1
Developers Explosm Games announced another crazy game in which players struggle to find normality as a freak. The game launches this spring as a timed Switch exclusive.

Summer in Mara
Chibig presents a charming farming adventure that combines all the elements of Stardew Valley with a tropical setting. The game launches as a timed Switch exclusive this summer.

Quantum League
An interesting competitive shooter in which players fight by producing clones on different timed runs in order to box in and defeat their opponents. The game will be released later this year towards the end of 2020.

The Good Life
From Swery and White Owls, The Good Life is a debt repayment RPG set in a village where everyone transforms into a dog or cat at night. The game will launch for Nintendo Switch at some point in 2020.

A deck building card game with a living board that offers new dynamic gameplay to players. The game launches in spring 2020.

Eldest Souls
A pixel art soulslike game focused on fighting boss after boss. The game has a dark setting that pits players against some of the toughest enemies ever seen. Eldest Souls launches in spring 2020.

Moving Out
From the developers of Overcooked, Moving Out is a game that is all about packing up houses and throwing the furniture into a moving van. As you’d expect, none of it ever goes to plan. The game launches on April 28, with a demo available right now.

Sky Racket
This game mixes block breaking games with shooters in a blend that makes for some intense gameplay. While oddly relaxing it’s also incredibly stressful when things go wrong. The game launched for Nintendo Switch on the same day as this announcement.

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