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Nintendo announce new Vehicle Kit for the Labo

Nintendo today announced the launch of a new kit for the Nintendo Labo. The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit has been specifically designed for vehicle play and allows players to construct controls that resemble those used to drive cars, submarines and airplanes. It launches on September 14, 2018.

The Nintendo Labo is a Toy Con kit that works in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch. It allows gamers with creative minds – perhaps the engineers of the future – to construct cases out of cardboard that resemble objects like steering wheels, joysticks and, in the case of the Vehicle Kit, submersible controls.

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers can then be slotted into these cases, where their motion control functions can be utilised to echo the function of these controls in games – e.g. turn your Toy Con steering wheel to the left and the Nintendo Switch senses the movement of the embedded Joy Con, turning the car you are driving in the game to the left.

Perhaps the best way to truly understand the Nintendo Labo is to check out the official Nintendo trailer above for the upcoming Vehicle Kit. The trailer also shows a number of the mini-games that will be playable with the kit.

The Vehicle Kit will be the third launch in the Labo series and will retail at $70. It follows on from the initial Variety Kit (RRP $70) and April’s Robot Kit ($80). The Vehicle Kit will also come with a pedal, allowing players the thrill of pressing down a pedal to accelerate in racing games, and will feature a key which can be used to switch between a number of vehicles.

Truly innovative players will also be able to link the Vehicle Kit with the Toy Con Garage, in-built software that allows gamers to add customised options to their Labo controllers.

Fans of the Labo will doubtless be excited by the addition of new vehicle controls and will only have to wait six weeks or so to get “hands on” with the new kit.

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