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New details about Pokemon Sword and Shield revealed

The Pokemon Company have released two brand new trailers for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. These trailers revealed new details about the games, including version exclusive content, new Pokemon, and a brand new event with intriguing mechanics.

The new Pokemon that have been confirmed for Pokemon Sword and Shield are: Alcremie, a fairy type Pokemon with a specific ability called Sweet Veil, Yamper, an electric type Pokemon with a specific ability called Ball Fetch, Rolycoly, a rock type Pokemon with two specific abilities called Steam Engine and Heatproof, and finally Duraludon, a steel and dragon type Pokemon with two specific abilities called Light Metal and Heavy Metal.

While it wasn’t confirmed if any of these new Pokemon were exclusive to either Pokemon Sword or Shield, two version exclusive gym leaders were. In Pokemon Sword players will face Bea, a fighting type Pokemon specialist. This gym leader specialises in using fighting-type Pokemon, and has a rigorously regimented battle plan for any eventuality. Meanwhile, in Pokemon Shield players will face Allister, a ghost type Pokemon specialist gym leader. Allister unnerves opponents by wearing a suitably spooky mask, and spends his time in the natural habitats of ghost type Pokemon, ruins and cemeteries.

Most Pokemon games have had version exclusive Pokemon, but never gym leaders before. No word on how the differences between the games will be explained has been stated by The Pokemon Company, indicating that there could be even more differences in them that make Pokemon Sword and Shield far more individual than other releases in the franchise.

The new event for Pokemon Sword and Shield is The Champion Cup, which allows players to challenge the current champion of the Galar region and take their seat as the best of the best. The event is broadcast around Galar live, and takes place in a huge arena unlike most Pokemon battles.

The final new piece of content revealed with these trailers was Gigantamaxing. This mechanic seems to be similar to the now defunct Mega Evolutions of older Pokemon titles. By Gigantamaxing a Pokemon the player increases their size exponentially, and can change the Pokemon’s appearance, depending on which one the effect is being applied to.

In amongst the new trailers some more open world gameplay for Pokemon Sword and Shield was also shown. The gameplay appeared to be similar to that of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu, with players running around the world, and able to see Pokemon in and around the areas they’re in. Whether or not players need to weaken Pokemon prior to capturing them was, unfortunately, not shown.

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