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NBA 2K20 developers working around the clock to fix the game

NBA 2K20

Last week’s launch of NBA 2K20 wasn’t as smooth as the developers might have hoped. In fact, the game launched with so many bugs that it saw the hashtag #fix2k20 gain traction around various social media platforms. The hashtag was filled with issues players were finding, making for a pretty poor launch for NBA 2K20.

The developer, Visual Concepts responded to the issues, and the hashtag, via the official NBA 2K20 Twitter account. They stated that many of the bugs that have been found by players have now been fixed with updates. However, they also pointed out that there were some issues that players had found which they were not aware of. They went on to explain how they are working around the clock to get these issues fixed, or at least the most significant ones, in a patch that will be released soon.

One of the biggest issues with the game is with the PC version’s launcher, which shows the logo for NBA 2K19 in the taskbar. Other issues concerned loading times extending due to specific bugs or instances, all of which has culminated in an ‘overwhelmingly negative’ review score on Steam.

While NBA 2K20 has had a fairly bad launch, the game itself is making big changes in sports games. This year is the first that the WNBA were introduced to the series, bringing 12 new teams to the Play Now and Seasons modes. Some players have even had their likeness scanned into the game, including Breanna Stewart, and animations and play styles that fans would expect to see in real life are also present.

NBA Live 20, EA’s competitor basketball title, has been delayed to a later release date in 2019. EA maintains that this is because they are taking a different approach with this year’s release, but they have yet to confirm what this approach is.

The NBA 2K franchise is thought of as the best basketball series in gaming. However, the series has always had bugs, with previous versions boasting accurate facial scans for player creation, only to create horrible messes when players attempted to use it.

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