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Little Nightmares launches for Switch on May 18, 2018

Little Nightmares

A new trailer for Little Nightmares Complete Edition has highlighted the game’s release date on the Nintendo Switch, on May 18, 2018.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch will bring Little Nightmares to Nintendo Switch for the first time. This version will also bring all of the game’s DLC with it, meaning it has everything that’s available on all other platforms. The Switch version will also allow players to unlock a Pac-Man outfit using the Pac-Man Amiibo, as long as they have it.

Little Nightmares is a platformer title from Tarsier Studios, a Swedish developer. The team at Tarsier are mostly made up of developers who worked on the LittleBigPlanet series, which is evident from the game’s visuals.

In Little Nightmares players take on the role of Six, a child, who needs to use dream logic in order to solve puzzles. The game pulls in themes and mechanics from stealth titles as well as point and click adventures, both of which come together to present an entirely individual title. The world is filled with bright colours, extremely dark corners, and grotesque monsters that are hunting Six down in an attempt to cook and eat her.

The enemies in Little Nightmares are all extremely dangerous and terrifying to look at. This is what makes Little Nightmares into a horror game at points, when the player is moving Six through darker levels and suddenly a huge monster leaps out to snatch her it can be as terrifying as some of the more frightening scenes in Resident Evil 7.

The DLC for Little Nightmares, The Depths, adds a new character named Runaway Kid, and launched last year for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The new area adds collectibles and new enemies, making for brand new experiences for even the most seasoned of players.

The Nintendo Switch adds a new dynamic to most games simply through the increased level of intimacy the player feels because of the portability and closeness it allows. This release not only opens up a whole new range of gamers to Little Nightmares, but it also brings a whole new dynamic to the game itself.

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