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Jurassic World Evolution details revealed

Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Developments, the British video game developer behind the Rollercoaster Tycoon Series and Elite Dangerous, revealed new details about their upcoming new release Jurassic World Evolution. New gameplay and screenshots were shown at a panel at Frontier Expo while developers from the company discussed new details about the game.

In Jurassic World Evolution players are able to build their very own Jurassic World, an entertainment park filled with live Dinosaurs and exciting rides that make the most of these prehistoric monsters. Attractions such as a water park with a huge aquatic dinosaur like the Hainosaurus seen in the film Jurassic World.

Players will be able to build their park across the five islands from the Jurassic Park universe, each one offering different advantages and challenges. Once they’re set up, players will be able to bioengineer their dinosaurs and place them in the enclosures they’ve designed. These dinosaurs could be real ones brought back as they were millions of years ago, or altered variants the player creates in an effort to give them different attributes for survival or attracting more visitors.

Nothing will be easy for long in Jurassic World Evolution. Tropical storms can ravage every island, ruining enclosures and buildings around the park. This could in turn lead to escaped dinosaurs and dead guests, should security not be up to scratch. Players will need to keep on top of potential disasters such as these storms, or even a dinosaur getting sick while a player’s attention has been elsewhere.

The three core areas of focus in the game are entertainment, science, and security. Players need to deal with these departments as they progress, assigning them budget and research allowances in order to build the facilities they need. These departments will be constantly competing with each other in order to get more budget and attention from the player, and their rivalry can lead to complications.

Finally, lore from the Jurassic Park universe will be incorporated into the game in the form of archives from the infamous company Ingen. As players progress they’ll unlock more details, and bring this cinematic universe to life even more.

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