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Images of the discless Xbox One leak

Images of the discless Xbox One have been leaked online, seeming to confirm the rumors that Microsoft plan to announce and release an all-digital Xbox One later this year. The images were leaked by, and they look as though they’ve been taken from a European retailer.

Looking at the images the Discless Xbox One will come with a 1TB hard drive and three games pre-installed, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Minecraft. This particular console bundle is slated to cost €229.99, though it’s likely that there will be a number of bundles on offer when the console finally launches. Microsoft don’t tend to have one single console bundle, and there will more than likely be a bundle that includes the Xbox Game Pass.

The images also suggest that the console is going to launch on the 7th of May in Europe. This goes against past reports that Microsoft is planning to reveal the console at E3 2019, which occurs in June each year.

Microsoft actually have an event, Inside Xbox, coming up on the 16th of April. It could be that the Discless Xbox One and the company’s plans for a more digital gaming future will be revealed then. If Microsoft announce the console at this event, then it might confirm that this console is coming sooner than is thought.

Another rumor doing the rounds is that Microsoft are planning to offer consumers the ability to trade in their discs for a digital copy of their game. Another rumor concerns the combination of Xbox Live and the Xbox Game Pass for $15 a month, further indicating that Microsoft is looking to be far more digitally focused in the future.

Pre-orders for the Discless Xbox One are meant to open in April before the console going on sale in May. It could be the last console the company release before they announce their next-generation Xbox at E3 this year.

While the Discless Xbox One is a step towards a totally digital future for Microsoft, it doesn’t mean that Xbox One’s that use discs will stop being manufactured. However, it does show a forward-thinking attitude that will bode well for the company if the industry adopts a greener attitude towards the products it produces.

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