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Green Man Gaming launches digital partners program

Green Man Gaming - Screenshot - 17-12-19

Green Man Gaming launched its new Digital Partners Programme on December 9, 2019, but more details of the program were recently revealed at the Ukie Xmas drinks reception.

The first indie developer to join the program is 10 Chambers Collective, developers of GTFO, an upcoming four-player horror shooter experience. The studio’s Co-Founder, Oscar J-T Holm, explained how the company had been searching for a partnership program that would suit them, and wasn’t another one-size-fits-all solution. Green Man Gaming’s Digital Partners Programme allowed them to hand over one part of GTFO’s early access launch, and provided the exact solution that they were looking for.

The Digital Partners Programme is designed to work for indie developers. Studios can pick and choose from an elastic range of resources, services, and expertise, without losing control of their revenue or IP. This is by design, and should help more developers distribute their game with greater flexibility and less compromise on their vision.

Green Man Gaming has launched the Digital Partners Programme because they’ve been through all of the pains that indie developers struggle with when it comes to launching their game. While these developers are capable of creating fantastic games, marketing them well, and building a huge fan base, the commercial aspects of launching that game can push them beyond their limits.

Since Green Man Gaming has published and distributed hundreds of games for developers, they believe that they offer the right help to new indie developers who need some assistance to get their game out the door.

In the specific case of 10 Chambers Collective, Green Man Gaming knew that the developer had a lot of things in place, but they specifically needed help with global distribution. With the help provided through the Digital Partners Programme, the developer’s game, GTFO, reached number 2 in the Steam charts.

Moving into 2020 Green Man Gaming expect to be very busy as they help more indie developers in the specific areas they need assistance. The company launched in 2010, and now they feel that they have the expertise to take their services to the next level in 2020.

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