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Grand Theft Auto 5 Tops UK Digital Chart


When it came to downloads in the UK this week Grand Theft Auto 5 claimed the top spot. However, it was Blood & Truth from Sony London Studio that was technically the best-selling game for the week ending on June 2, 2019.

Last week, in the first ever UK digital chart, Total War: Three Kingdoms was the first game to ever claim the top spot. Team Sonic Racing topped the GfK retail chart, but when the numbers were compared side by side it was clear that Total War: Three Kingdoms had sold better.

This week the opposite is true of the best-selling game, with figures confirming Blood & Truth sold better across the board. The game was the first VR title to become the best-seller in the GfK chart, but it only reached third place in the physical sales chart. Once again, with numbers compared side by side, it’s clear that Blood & Truth was in truth the best-selling game for that period overall.

The combined sales of Blood & Truth for the week are 3,000 units higher than those for Grand Theft Auto 5, indicating that a number of the game’s downloads will be consumers downloading the game for a consecutive time after purchase.

Discounts have had a visible effect on the sales chart this week, as they did last week. Watch Dogs 2, from Ubisoft, has risen to fifth place this week, rising by 171 places. EA Sports UFC 3 similarly rose 157 places to reach eighth this week. Finally Battalion 1944 saw a price reduction that has driven it up to tenth place in the chart.

Rainbow Six: Siege also saw a small price promotion with the upcoming release of Operation Phantom Sight, pushing it up from twelfth place last week to ninth place this week.

While the chart is a work in progress because it still doesn’t use data from Nintendo and other publishers, it still paints a fairly accurate picture of the games market week-by-week on a digital basis.

The top ten best-selling digital games in the UK last week are as follows.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5
2. Total War: Three Kingdoms
3. Blood & Truth
4. FIFA 19
5. Watch Dogs 2
6. Monopoly Plus
7. Minecraft
8. EA Sports UFC 3
9. Rainbow Six: Siege
10. Battalion 1944

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