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Gearbox tease Borderlands 3 with a trailer

In the lead up to PAX East Gearbox released a number of teaser images hinting at games they would be revealing. Among these images have been a number that could relate to Borderlands 3. Now Gearbox has released a teaser trailer that not only looks like it’s related to Borderlands 3, but contains a secret message that all but confirms it is.

The new trailer rolls through a series of images that look to be part of the Borderlands universe. As it progresses it shows what could be both enemies and the new characters that players will get to play as. When the trailer finishes the images make up a mask, that of the Psycho enemy which is conic in the Borderlands universe.

The images look to show a further time jump in the Borderlands universe. Previously the games have explored the time after the original game, first with Borderlands 2, and then moving back to the period between the games with Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. The Telltale game series, Tales From The Borderlands, filled in further gaps in the series’ timeline. The trailer looks to have the time period moved on further than Borderlands 2, which will bring a whole new story and a wide range of characters.

The trailer goes beyond simply hinting at Borderlands 3 however. GamesRadar have uncovered morse code hidden in the flashing eyes of the mask at the end of the trailer. The code spells out ‘Count the Sirens’.

Sirens are the mages of the Borderlands universe, able to call on powerful abilities to help them battle enemies in combat. Some of the most famous characters in the Borderlands games are Sirens, and there can only ever be six at a time. The characters, Lilith, Maya, and Angel are the only known ones, but Handsome Jack confirmed that only six can exist at once, meaning Borderlands 3 could explore the origins and existence of Sirens.

Gearbox are set to reveal their games at PAX East today, which many Borderlands fans will be tuning in to watch online. The Handsome Collection is a remastered collection of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel for current consoles, but it and the original game haven’t been remastered for 4K consoles just yet. This could also be announced at PAX East.

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