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From Software to Open a New Studio

A new studio from the developers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne will be opening within the next few months, to start working in January 2016.

Reported by Gamesindustry, From’s new venture will be a subsidiary branch to the main development studio, and will be primarily tasked with working on the 3D computer graphics design.

From Software

Set to be located in the Japanese city of Fukuoka on Japan’s southern island, From Software hope that they will benefit from the area’s large potential and deep resources of passionate young workers. They are also confident that the new working environment will allow them to work towards greater creativity and quality in their games.

From Software are most famous for the Dark Souls series, and also for the stylistically similar PS4 game Bloodborne. They are currently in the final stages of completing the development of Dark Souls 3, which is slated to release in spring 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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