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EA Access releases for PlayStation 4 this month

Having confirmed that the service was coming to Sony’s platform earlier this year at E3, EA have now outlined a release date for EA Access coming to PlayStation 4. The service launches for PlayStation 4 users on July 24, 2019, and will mean that EA officially offer subscriptions on more platforms than any other company.

EA Access on PlayStation 4 will work in exactly the same way as it currently does for both PC and Xbox. Subscribers will receive early access to EA titles either before or at their release, as well as a ten percent discount across the EA Store on all full-game purchases. Subscribers will also see discounts on DLC and season passes for EA titles offered through the EA Store.

EA Access will launch for PlayStation 4 with a vault of games available to subscribers, including; Unravel 2, FIFA 19, Battlefield 5, NHL 19, Madden 19, Fe, A Way Out, The Sims 4, and Titanfall 2. More games will be added over the course of time as they release, or as they’re brought to the store by EA.

The price for EA Access hasn’t yet been confirmed for PlayStation 4, though it is believed that the price point on other platforms will apply: £20 for a full year, or £4 a month. At the moment EA doesn’t offer discounts for Subscribers who want to play EA games across multiple platforms, and it’s unlikely that this will change with the launch of the service on PlayStation 4.

EA Access is far from the first subscription service to be available on PlayStation 4, but it will be one of the largest when it launches later this month. Currently PlayStation Now allows subscribers to stream and download games from an ever-changing library, including PlayStation 3 titles. PlayStation Plus, on the other hand, offers discounts throughout the PlayStation Store, including increased discounts in certain sales, as well as two free games a month for as long as the subscription is live.

Being able to access more games for a flat subscription certainly suits some gamers more than others, but whether EA’s roster of titles included in the subscription will be enough remains to be seen. In recent years many EA titles have been discounted to around the £5 mark, meaning most gamers who want to try them out may well have already purchased them. The real clincher for EA Access will definitely be the early access it provides to EA titles.

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