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Doom releases for Nintendo Switch on November 10, 2017

Doom Switch

Doom developers id Software told fans in an interview that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will launch on November 10, 2017.

Doom, or Doom 2016 as it was known at its original launch, is the latest title in the series after a long break. The last game before Doom 2016 was Doom 3, along with the later expansion Resurrection of Evil. While that game was far more survival horror focused, Doom 2016 brings the series back to its roots as an arcade shooter that’s fast-paced and fun above all else.

The Nintendo Switch version of Doom comes complete with the full single player experience. This include the core campaign of the game that’s packed with demons to kill, weapons and runes to upgrade, as well as a story that’s there to be discovered rather than forced on the player.

Additionally any new Doom fans can play the Arcade mode on the Switch version as well. In this mode players are tasked with fighting through the entire game once again, with all runes, weapons, and armour fully upgraded. However, in this mode players are against the clock, with a points system in place recording how many enemies they destroy and how well.

Doom on Nintendo Switch also includes the multiplayer mode. Here players compete in up to twelve different modes online against one another. The Switch version includes all the game’s DLC, meaning that Switch players are getting the full Doom multiplayer experience. In multiplayer it’s possible for players to use power ups that make them demons to destroy other players, drastically altering the norm for online gaming.

The only feature not coming to Doom on the Nintendo Switch is SnapMap, a mode that allows players to create minigames and maps to play and share within Doom. This feature has helped players create games such as Harvest Doom, but they don’t add to the core Doom experience in any meaningful way.

This is the first time that Doom will be playable on a portable home console. That the game is scalable enough to make it not just playable, but an equal experience on Nintendo Switch is extremely impressive. When asked if there were plans to bring any other games to Nintendo Switch the developers they didn’t mention any games coming to the console that aren’t currently known about, but that doesn’t confirm that future id Software titles won’t release for the Switch as well.

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