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Deathloop delayed until September 14, 2021


Arkane Studios has made the decision to delay their latest title, Deathloop, from its May release date until September 14, 2021. Many fans were eager to get their hands on the game this month, but now it looks like they’ll have to wait much longer.

The announcement came as a joint effort from Game Director Dinga Bakaba and Art Director Sebastien Mitton. They apologized for all the inconvenience this would cause, as well as disappointment among fans, and explained the reasons for the delay.

The company is committed to preserving its vision for the game. The one that the team outlined when they all came up with the idea for it. However, that must be balanced with the health and safety of all those who work at Arkane Studios as well.

The additional time is being used to accomplish the goal and vision that was originally set out. Players need to feel and experience one thing when they play, and that’s what the game will launch with on September 14, 2021.

The game has already been delayed from August last year after Arkane Studios explained that the development had suffered from the pandemic and work needing to be remote. It sounds like this is still the case now, and the studio isn’t willing to put its employees through a crunch period to get the game out for next month.

Crunch has become more and more unacceptable, particularly over the course of the pandemic. People are already adjusting to working from home, but when the stress of their job is inescapable, it can have serious repercussions on someone’s mental health.

Studios also don’t want to be seen as another CD Projekt Red. Cyberpunk 2077 released as a mess on last-gen consoles, and the studio still managed to put staff through months of crunch time. Arkane Studios is clearly giving developers the time they need to get the work done without the need to work any longer in the day than they’d normally expect to.

To date, Arkane Studios’ games have been masterpieces. There’s no sense in ruining that reputation for the sake of a release date.

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