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Cross-generation Share Play and external USB storage for PS5

PlayStation 5 console

A recent update to the firmware on PS5 consoles has added a number of long-requested features from fans. This includes the ability to use an external USB storage device, as well as Cross-Generation Share Play.

The update launched today, and players are already able to format a USB storage device, such as an external hard drive, and transfer data between their console and that device. This means that save files, images, and most media can be stored and accessed on the device. However, games stored on that device can’t be played on the console.

The advantage here comes when downloading new games to the console. It’s now possible to transfer a game to the external device if you want a new game on the PS5. This will allow you to have all of your games in an accessible location, but you won’t need to re-download them if you delete them to make space for another game at another time.

Storage on the PS5 has been a worry for users since launch. The internal storage is around 700 GB, which isn’t a lot when some games take up 100 GB each. Some games also require at least 100 GB to update, meaning you can store around six or seven high-end games on the console at most.

Sony is said to be working on a new internal storage feature. Though no news on this has been released since it was announced. Essentially, it would act as a new hard drive that users can plug into their PS5, opening up much more storage options for those savvy enough to take their console apart and modify it.

Cross-generation Share Play is the second big feature with this update. This allows PS5 players to share their screen with another player on PS4. It also allows those with a friend who has a PS5 to try out their games on their new console through the same service.

Finally, the PlayStation app has also seen an update. Now, it‘s going to be possible to join multiplayer games from the app itself. Previously this had to be done through messages. It will also be possible to organise your console storage through the app, including deleting and downloading games as and when you want to.

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