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Control goes gold


Control, the upcoming title from Remedy Entertainment, has officially gone gold. This means that the game’s development is complete, the code has been sent for manufacture onto discs, and Remedy Entertainment is now working on the first patch for any bugs they find in Control between now and the release date, August 27, 2019.

The news was Tweeted out by the game’s Director, Mikael Kasurinen.

The fact that Control has gone gold around a month before its release date means that Remedy Entertainment will most likely catch all the obvious bugs in the game. This patch will prevent the game from being unplayable at release, and should go some way to preventing any poor review scores due to easy to fix problems.

In Control players take on the role of Jesse Faden, a secret agent who works for the US government. Her job is to investigate the paranormal and supernatural, and restore order where it is threatened. Players will be able to use Faden’s abilities to move objects through telekinesis, as well as the unique armoury of weapons in the facility the game is set in, to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Control is a third person action title, with a heavy focus on supernatural themes. While the minute to minute gameplay sees players shooting enemies and hiding behind cover, or moving objects to allow them to reach a new area, the overall genre Control fits into is close to Metroidvania.

Metroidvania games put players into a world with many locked doors, some of which require certain keys before they can be opened. As players explore the world at their own pace, they’ll pick up new items and weapons, most of which are the keys which these doors require.

Remedy Entertainment has said that they believe Control is perfect for a number of sequels, though this will obviously depend on how well the game sells. However, the only sequel fans of Remedy Entertainment seem interested in at the moment is one for Alan Wake. The studio has expressed interest in making a sequel to the cult classic, but a number of obstacles have prevented them from doing so.

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