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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is back on Top

2. FIFA 17
EA Games
Fifa 17
3. Battlefield 1
Electronic Arts
Battlefield 1
4. Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition
5. Dead Rising 4
Dead Rising 4
6. Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2
8. Pokemon Sun
Pokemon Sun
10. Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Moon

Source(s): UKIE, WholesGame

Week ending on 10/12/2016, the Top 10 chart of the best selling wholesale video games. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is back on top of wholesale and retail charts from the third place last week. Fifa 17 slipped to the second place. Two new releases, Microsoft’s Dead Rising 4 and Sony’s The Last Guardian, are in the middle of the table, on the fifth and the seventh positions respectively.

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