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Borderlands 3 pre-orders and release date revealed

Borderlands 3

Today Gearbox revealed the various editions of Borderlands 3 that consumers can pre-order, as well as the games release date, September 13, 2019. The game was revealed at PAX East last week but the release date has been held back until today, when a remastered version of the original Borderlands is releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

There are a number of editions of Borderlands 3 that consumers can pre-order ahead of release, ranging from the standard package to the ultimate collector’s edition. The following are all of the revealed editions of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition

The standard edition of Borderlands 3 comes with the base game only, though some retailers are offering their own bonuses to consumers. UK retailer GAME, for example, are offering a gold weapon skins pack and trinket pack to anyone who pre-orders Borderlands 3. This edition costs around £54.99. Amazon exclusive offers the Borderlands 3 Standard Edition with 5 Gold Keys DLC, with the retail price of £49.99.

Borderlands 3 - PS4 Borderlands 3 - Xbox One Borderlands 3 - PC

Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Borderlands 3 comes with a number of additional packs for use in the game. These are; The Retro Cosmetic Pack, which grants a Vault Hunter Head and Skin, Echo Device Skin, and Weapon Skin. The Neon Cosmetic Pack adds a Vault Hunter Head and Skin, Echo Pack, and Trinket Pack. The Gearbox Cosmetic Pack adds a new Weapon Skin and Trinket Pack. The Toy Box Weapon Pack 2 adds 2 Toy Guns, a Toy Grenade Mod, and a Weapon Trinket. Finally the Deluxe Edition also comes with XP and Loot Drop Boost Mods. This edition can be purchased for £74.99.

Borderlands 3 - Deluxe - PS4 Borderlands 3 - Deluxe - Xbox One

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

The Super Deluxe Edition comes with everything from the Deluxe Edition as well as some additional extras. These extras are: four campaign DLC packs, which will add new content and stories to Borderlands 3 as they’re release, including additional challenges. The Butt Stalion Weapon Skin, Trinket, and Grenade Mod are also part of the Super Deluxe Edition. The final Piece of additional content for this edition is a Steelbook case for all physical copies. This edition costs £89.99 to pre-order.

Borderlands 3 - Super Deluxe - PS4 Borderlands 3 - Super Deluxe - Xbox One

Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition

The Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition of Borderlands 3 is the ultimate collector’s edition of the game, and comes with everything from the above editions, as well as the following extras; a Diamond Loot Chest replica, including a functional lid. This edition also includes a Borderlands 3 figurine set of ten characters, including the new Vault Hunters, Calypso Twins, and some of the other more memorable Borderlands universe characters. A Sanctuary 3 snap model. 4 Vault Key Keychains. A cloth map of the Galaxy from Borderlands 3. Finally, this edition also comes with 5 character lithographs of the Vault Hunters and Calypso Twins. This edition can be pre-ordered from between £219.99 and £249.99 depending on whether it comes with a copy of the Super Deluxe Edition as well.

Borderlands 3 - Collectors

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