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All games that play on Xbox One will work on Xbox Series X and S

Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has confirmed that every game for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 that work on the Xbox One will also run on the Xbox Series X and S. The only caveat is that games which require Kinect will not run.

This information was recently confirmed by Jason Ronald, the Director of Product Management for Xbox. He added that over 500,000 hours of testing have been put into making sure that all of these games work.

The last word on backwards compatibility before this with Microsoft’s next-gen consoles was that hundreds of Xbox 360 games would also work on the Xbox Series X and S. It was also said that a handful of original Xbox games would run on the new consoles as well.

Now it seems as though pretty much every single Xbox 360 game will run on the Xbox Series X and S. This is great for fans who have spent years building a library of games on the console, who may have been dreading the thought of all of them going to waste.

Only last month, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series S will run the Xbox One S versions of backwards compatible titles. As you’d expect, the Xbox Series X runs the Xbox One X versions, which are superior in a few different ways.

Ronald has explained that all games, regardless of what next-gen console they’re played on, will look better when played. This is because of the automatic enhancements the new consoles apply, making older games vastly more playable today.

So far Sony has only revealed that the PlayStation 5 is compatible with almost every PlayStation 4 game that has ever released. Outside of that though, there’s no other backwards compatibility. This is a huge shame for fans of the PlayStation 3, since there’s a wealth of content that may well be forgotten from that era.

One again, Microsoft appears to be coming out on top with their next-gen news. Sony will really have to pull some surprises out of the bag if they want to attract more fans of older console generations.

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