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Adam Sussman hired as new President of Epic Games

Epic Games office

The former Chief Digital Officer of Nike, Adam Sussman, has been hired as the new President of Epic Games. Sussman shared the news on LinkedIn, where picked it up, and the news was confirmed by GameSpot.

In the post that Sussman shared the news he explained that this is a new and exciting opportunity that he’s happy to move onto after five and a half years with Nike. He added that working with Nike was an incredible experience, which he shared with a number of great people, and is sad to move on from. He ended by saying how honoured he is to be joining the fantastic team that built one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite.

Sussman is excited to make the move to North Carolina, and return to gaming. He sees 2020 as a big year for Epic Games, and one that will change the face of the industry as we know it.

Prior to working with Nike, Sussman has been in various leadership roles within gaming. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked with Zynga as Vice President of Global Publishing, and before that he held the position of Senior Vice President of Publishing for DIMG Games with The Walt Disney Company. He’s also worked in similar roles with Take-Two Interactive and EA.

Epic Games’ previous President, Paul Meegan, stepped down in June last year. With Sussman at the helm, there’s no telling what strides the company will make both with Fortnite, and with new IPs that the company are working on.

Epic Games has gone from strength to strength since Fortnite took off for them. From hosting huge tournaments with thousands of attendees watching pro gamers play their battle royale game, to launching a brand new digital storefront that offers developers a better revenue cut than most others.

While interesting in Fortnite has waned somewhat since its peak, the game is still incredibly popular. There’s no sign of Fortnite dropping off as one of the most popular games on the market for years to come, which leaves the door open for Epic Games to outdo themselves with something new.

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