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Last Year’s Releases Top this Month’s Digital Sales Chart

Digital Charts UK

Source: SuperData Research

The UK’s digital games sales figures in June show interesting results, as the smash hits of 2014 remain dominant.

Superdata’s top 10 UK digital sales chart portrays a different picture to that of the physical game sales. All three of the top positions were occupied by games from 2014. These are Grand Theft Auto 5, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and FIFA 15.

Despite the fact that the past months have seen numerous top-budget titles, 2014’s games held their dominant position in our consoles and PCs. Three of the last major games to have been released have failed to hit June’s podium positions in the digital sales.

Batman: Arkham Knight, which topped the physical sales, only managed to reach the fifth position. Arkham Knight was beaten to the fourth position by The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

One of 2015’s best sellers, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt only managed to achieve the sixth place in the sales chart. Following on from The Witcher 3, Minecraft, Battlefield Hardline, Destiny and Bloodbourne completed the rest of the top 10 digital games.

The primary source for consumers to buy games still remains in the physical realm. Last year’s games are also in the top 10 physical sales charts, though they usually tend to occupy the middle to bottom places, with new releases hitting the top positions.

For example GTA 5’s physical sales ranking has consistently been in the third to sixth positions of the chart since its release.

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