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Company Type:
Founded: 1995
Number of Employees: 80
Registrartion Number: 1002012-8
Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Sony Interactive Entertainment - Logo

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)

Type: Developer, Manufacturers of Game Related Hardware and Accessories, Publisher

Country: Japan

Country: Finland
Housemarque - Logo

Housemarque is a developer of video games based in Finland. It was founded in 1995 and currently has about 80 employees.

Housemarque Oy, Inc.

Kasarmikatu 36 B,
00130 Helsinki,

Phone: +358 9637890

Profiles and Links:

Housemarque - Office
Housemarque Office

Key People

  • Harri Tikkanen, Co-Founder
  • Ilari Kuittinen, Co-Founder

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Returnal (2021)

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