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Avalanche Studios Group

Company Type: ,
Founded: 2003
Number of Employees: 320
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
Parent: Nordisk Film Games
Country: Sweden

Avalanche Studios Group Logo

Avalanche Studios Group is a video game developer and publisher based in Sweden. It is the parent company of Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction. The company changed its type into a group in March 2020, prior to that it was a Limited company with the name of Avalanche Studios. The original company was founded in 2003. The group currently employs around 320 people and has three offices, two in Sweden, one in the United States.

Avalanche Studios Group

Västgötagatan 5
118 27 Stockholm,

Phone: +46 (0)84427670


New York

536 Broadway New York,
NY 10012,
United States


Norra Vallgatan 66
211 22 Malmö,

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Key People

  • Pim Holfve
    Pim Holfve, CEO
  • David Wightman
    David Wightman, Managing Director

Avalanche Studios Group Subsidiaries

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