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BLESPlayStation games are marked with special regional code, which is usually printed on the side of the game case. The code varies across geographical regions, such as Europe, America, Asia, etc. Blu-ray discs may be locked so that they only function on PS3 systems purchased in the same region, languages in the game may also be different for different regions.

The usual prefixes for PS3 software titles are as follows:

BCESNPEAFirst party title, Europe
BLESNPEBThird party title, Europe
BCUSNPUAFirst party title, USA
BLUSNPUB Third party title, USA
BCJSNPJA First party title, Japan
BLJMNPJB Third party title, Japan
BCASNPHAFirst party title, Asia
BLASNPHBThird party title, Asia

First letter – the storage format. Can be either “B” for Blu-Ray or “S” for DVD.

Second letter – first party game (Sony) or third party game (exclusive or not). Letter “C” for first party and letter “L” for third party.

Third letter is the region. “A” = Asia, “J” = Japan, “U” = United States and “E” = Europe.

Fourth letter: indicates the type of content. “D” = Demo, “S” = Game.

Games that have been purchased from PSN have other codes, see the table above.


CUSA codes indicate the region for PlayStation 4 games. The region information of a PS4 helps to identify the languages of the game and if DLCs will work with that particular PS4 version or not. For example, if a PS4 game has a CUSA code that indicates that the game is made for the United States market, then it is unlikely to some other European languages, for example, Russian. It will also accept DLCs only for the US.

Unfortunatelly CUSA codes are not as straightforward as BLES codes are. It is usually a 5-digit number. In order to find the regional information from a CUSA code, you need to look for the info on specialized websites that have CUSA information, for example, here on WholesGame.

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