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Wholesale Video Games Marketplace is in beta testing


WholesGame, an online information platform for buyers and sellers of wholesale video games, is launching a new Wholesale Video Games Marketplace service. The marketplace is a platform for suppliers of wholesale video games to show their stock prices on our pages, so that wholesale buyers can purchase them. This is kind of a price comparison service, only for wholesalers. Professional buyers can find stock on our marketplace, see wholesale prices, and have opportunity to order directly from relevant wholesale suppliers. This is the first of its kind wholesale marketplace platform for buyers and sellers of wholesale video games. There are online price comparison websites for retail of games, but there are not too many platforms for wholesalers.

The wholesale marketplace is a powerful tool for professional buyers of video games. It allows to track stock from different suppliers. Instead of going through many daily stock list emails from different suppliers, a buyer can just visit our website, search and find an item page, and it will automatically display the suppliers who have this item in their stock today, and the prices. This is useful not only for finding new suppliers, but also for day-to-day work with the existing suppliers. It greatly automates the process of buying. It serves as an order management system for buyers. It is much easier to find and order stock using our system, than doing it manually through emails from various suppliers.

The marketplace provides an additional, quite powerful channel for wholesale distributors for selling their stock. WholesGame has thousands of buyers registered as members, and they can check on the marketplace what suppliers have to offer and order products.

The wholesale prices are accessible only to our Annual Members. The marketplace is still in the initial stages and already offers information on prices and suppliers for video game products. We are working hard and are planning to add more features to the marketplace soon, to make it even more robust for traders.

The wholesale marketplace is active worldwide. Several major UK and US distributors already participate in the marketplace, and there are thousands of buyers that are already members. The marketplace is already online though it is still in the stage of testing.

Wholesale buyers and sellers are encouraged to visit the Marketplace page to get more information.

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