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Upcoming Halo 5 Social Arena Playlist

Halo 5 Guardians Launch Playlist Details

It’s been revealed that 343 Industries are working on bringing an unranked social playlist to Halo 5 Guardians’ online multiplayer.

As it currently stands, the only two options available for online matchmaking in Halo 5 are either Warzone or the Arena. Whilst Warzone is a fun new game mode that features a PvPvE game style aimed at a more casual audience, it can get repetitive quickly. This is a shame as many players want to find more activities to take part online without having to jump into the competitive ranking system of the Arena.

A social playlist for the Arena will include a number of different maps and game modes that are not affected by a ranking system. 343 Industries’ studio head Josh Holmes has taken to the forums of Team Beyond to reveal their plans, “It may seem straightforward on the surface but lighting up unranked play in Arena is not as simple as flipping a switch,” Josh Holmes mentioned. “TLDR; We hear you, and we are working on it.”

So far no additional details about what the social playlist could consist have been mentioned but it should hopefully include a large selection of fun game types for more casual players. Previous Halo titles have had a great selection.

Extra content like social playlists and the inclusion of Forge will definitely help to keep the online player base for Halo 5 healthy for a long time.

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