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UK retailer Simply Games is back after two months of not trading

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Simply Games, one of the more popular UK video games retailers recently relaunched its website following more than two months of downtime and inactivity.

Back in February 2022, shortly after the release of Elden Ring, Simply Game’s website appeared to be completely inaccessible and gave an impression that the company had ceased trading entirely.

Following this event, numerous customers reported that their preorders for various video game titles including the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Gran Turismo 7 have been canceled, or in some cases, failed to arrive with no explanation.

However, the website seems to be back online and in working order again.

Simply Games’ social media accounts haven’t posted anything since February 22, 2022, when they stated that Elden Ring release date was approaching. All their social media accounts have remained silent ever since regarding the current state of the website.

Shortly after the website’s apparent closure back in late February, the company’s stock had diminished, and the “pre-order” section of the website featured only a few selected titles, which is strange due to the website offering numerous games scheduled to be released this year in the past.

Many customers took to Twitter and asked about the company’s current situation, however, they only received stock responses about the company going through some changes within its internal systems.

Boss Developments Limited is a company that owns Simply Games, and according to Companies House, they have seen some activity with the ownership being passed to a new party during the website’s downtime.

Neil Muspratt, one of the people considered to be in control of Simply Games and owner of a 50% share in the company transferred that ownership to Daniel Whitehead on March 16, 2022. This was followed by other shareowners, James Rowson and Julie Rowson transferring their respective 25% of the share to Whitehead as well.

Later on April 4, James Rowson was terminated as a director, and the company’s registered office was changed later on April 27. All of this suggests that Whitehead has completely taken control and is the new owner of Simply Games.

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