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TIGA releases company acquisitions guide

TIGA Office

TIGA (The Independent Game Developers Association), which is a trade body that represents the UK games industry, has released a company acquisitions report. This report collects together advice and experience from a number of game companies during acquisitions, offering advice to those who may be going through it now, or will do in the future.

TIGA explains that one of the most important aspects of an acquisition is ensuring that you have all of the right people at the right time. They describe the money and other intricacies of the deal as secondary to the people, and whether those people can get on and work together.

Aligning goals throughout any acquisition is also said to be important. If goals aren’t aligned, then the transition will be a struggle. TIGA also says that any acquisition is an exciting opportunity for both companies involved in the process to learn from the strengths of the other. Hopefully these strengths will help with any weaknesses that may be present.

One of the most interesting points that TIGA raises is the power of walking away. They explain that if negotiations become too difficult, it’s important to be aware that walking away is always an option.

The report aims to help companies make the most of acquisitions. Sometimes companies can do very well out of an acquisition, gaining valuable IPs that go on to make them a lot of money. However, there are deals that don’t bring a lot of value with them, resulting in problems for the acquirer.

Jason Kingsley OBE, CEO of Rebellion, explains as part of the report that the most important part of any acquisition is ensuring that everyone can work together. It is vital to ascertain whether or not the two companies can get on, and if that doesn’t look like it will be possible, then the deal shouldn’t happen.

This report, compiled from experiences from actual companies who have gone through acquisitions, should help those looking to make deals in the future. More and more it seems as though larger companies want to build up their staff with smaller ones. This report will help make sure that those deals don’t end in trouble.

TIGA members can obtain a copy of the acquisition report by contacting Suzi Stephenson at

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