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Rovio to Give Angry Birds Massive Reinvestment

Angry Birds

The creator behind the runaway success of a mobile game, Angry Birds, is keen to give the franchise a massive boost in investments to make the franchise ‘bigger than it ever was before’.

Rovio’s reinvigoration of the Angry Birds franchise aims to reclaim the stratospheric popularity of the Finnish mobile game, which launched in December 2009 for iOS platforms. As of July 2015, more than 3 billion downloads have been counted for the whole franchise.

Speaking to MCV, Rovio discussed their upcoming plans to hit the peak of the mobile gaming market once more, as well as their expansion into the realms of other media. Rovio’s CCO, Alex Lambeek, said that he is certain Angry Birds can once again propel itself to massive heights.

He said that Rovio’s ambitions are constantly seeking bigger and better success. The Finnish firm’s future plans involve expanding beyond the twelve mobile games and three spinoff games under their belt. Not only does Rovio seek to remain ‘hot property’ in the gaming world, they are also seeking to diversify their empire into the wider realm of entertainment media.

“We will have a wider appeal than we have ever had before,” Lambeek said. “In that sense, we will be bigger than we have ever been before.”

This expectedly massive resurgence in popularity is planned around the release of the upcoming animated Angry Birds movie, which will release in UK cinemas on 13 May. This film is expected to bring the Angry Birds franchise to a whole new audience than the core gamer fans. Lambeek anticipates the Angry Birds film to be ‘one of the biggest blockbuster animation films of year’, citing excellent responses to early viewings and trailers.

In addition to the film, Rovio has just released Angry Birds Action on 28 April. This free to play title is a pinball arcade game for mobiles, which will tie into the upcoming film.

Alongside the Angry Birds games and film, Rovio has also moved the franchise into television, toys, books and even food and theme parks. With such a broad portfolio of work under the Angry Birds name, Rovio will be sure to find continued successes in the future.

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