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Rising Storm developers reveal new Cold War shooter ‘83’

83 The Game - Reveal

Tripwire Interactive, developers of Killing Floor and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, have revealed a trailer for their latest game, a Cold War shooter title named 83. The game takes place in an alternate history when the Cold War became so much more than a battle fought in the shadows, leading to a battle between the greatest superpowers in the world across a global front.

Whereas in reality communism collapsed, leading to NATO forces ultimately winning the Cold War, in 83 the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and their allies were in cold war with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact Countries. 1983 was a scary time as it was, but in 83 the threat of getting caught in the middle of a battle is so much more real.

The game revolves around large-scale battles between 80 players. Two teams will make up the forces of NATO and the Warsaw Pact Countries, facing off against one another across a wide range of maps. Combat will feature weapons specific to the time period, and include vehicles, which could indicate that the maps are larger than what is usually found in multiplayer shooters.

No price or release date for 83 has been confirmed yet, and it’s likely that this is because the game is still very early on in development. However, the trailer looks polished, which could indicate that it’s ready to be demoed by either press or the public.

With GDC 2019 just around the corner 83 may be showcased as part of the event by Tripwire Interactive. Alternatively the game could be brought to E3 2019, where anyone attending the event will be able to try it out.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a brutally realistic shooter title with intense gameplay. Part of what made the game so unique was how players can be killed with a single shot, whereas in most shooters at the time a health regeneration system of some sort was in place.

Tripwire Interactive made it so that a headshot, bullet to the spine, or other injury that would kill in real life, killed players in their game. If 83 has anything like the combat of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, then it could prove to be a massive hit among those looking for more of a challenge from their multiplayer shooter games.

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