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Playdate handheld console starts to ship


Panic has just announced that their new handheld game console Playdate has started shipping its first round of pre-orders.

In a tweet posted to the developer’s official Twitter account, the company informed that it will be increasing shipping over time in order to fulfill the orders by the upcoming month. According to the tweet, the developer will be increasing their shipping volumes daily in order to ensure that all their systems are working smoothly. The developers also believe that they can get Group One out the door sometime next month.

The company continued the statement by saying that there will be an update regarding the next round of Playdate shipments in the near future. The tweet concluded by informing that Group Two is next, however, they also said that we should all take a small moment together to celebrate this unbelievable moment in this long fun adventure.

Numerous questions regarding future shipments and other details about Playdate were posted by users, and the developers did their best to answer the majority of them.

In addition to the Twitter post, the company shared a new Youtube video update that revealed numerous new features and applications which game creators and users of the handheld will be able to utilize.

The company recently released a free developmental environment for the console on Mac, PC and Linux called Playdate SDK. In addition to that, they also introduced the Playdate mirror tool for home computers. According to the developers, this new feature will provide users with the ability to stream the screen of their handheld device to their computer screen. The stream will exactly mirror the handheld screen on the PC and users will be able to use their keyboards.

Lastly, the Youtube video update announced a browser-based developer tool for the Playdate titled Pulp.

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