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Owlcat Games raises $1 million for new independent project

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Having recently become an independent studio, Owlcat Games has recently raised $1 million from GEM Capital, as well as an undisclosed amount from the investment arm of My.Games, Mail Ru Games Ventures. This funding will be used to develop a new, as of yet unannounced game.

Owlcat Games, established in Moscow in 2016, are best known for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The studio says that they were founded by industry veterans, and have established a reputation for creating great isometric RPGs over the last three years. Pathfinder: Kingmaker was launched in September 2018, and is still considered a fantastic RPG today.

In a recent blog post, the studio described how they are currently settling into their new project in a brand new location, having just become an independent studio. No doubt the new location has been chosen for its proximity to Owlcat Games’ employees.

Head of Gaming Investments for GEM Capital, Roman Gurskiy, explained that they believe there is huge potential in the Easter European PC/console game development market, which is why they are so happy to be working with Owlcat Games. He added that with this venture GEM Capital believe they are helping the latest and greatest in up-and-coming game studios.

My.Games have recently launched My.Studio. The new investment initiative is designed to find and fund a new triple A development partner for My.Games. While the initiative is now closed, it originally aimed to work with a triple A developer on a shooter title for PC and console.

The new international gaming brand, My.Games, will be working to help develop games like Conqueror’s Blade, Lost Ark, and the mobile release of Warface. All projects that have been published under the company’s other brands, and, will now be united under My.Games.

With tabletop role-playing games seeing a huge surge in interest recently, and games that offer players a take on that universe are seeing a similar boost in interest. Should Owlcat Games create another isometric RPG in a fantasy setting, it should do at least as well as Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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