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Overkill Software announce their Walking Dead title

Developer of the PayDay games, Overkill, has announced their latest project, The Walking Dead which is set in the Walking Dead universe.

Overkill announced their new game, The Walking Dead, with a trailer introducing a new character to the universe, Aiden. The trailer shows Aiden before and after the outbreak of the undead, hinting towards the gameplay showing Aiden announcing his presence with a car horn in order to draw out the dead in order to fight them.

Overkill have revealed that the game will be a shooter based on the Walking Dead Universe. Up to four players will work together to shoot hordes of the undead and defend the base camp that they’re fortifying over time to provide some respite.

The game has four main characters to choose from, each of which have their own abilities, skill trees, and story arc to follow. The game will have the option for players to move around enemies and take them unawares for stealth kills, or go straight in with guns blazing.

The game is set over a number of missions and raids, each of which earns supplies and survivors for players to use in their base. This is important because the base will be periodically assaulted by waves of enemies, such as a herd of Walkers. The setting for the game is soon after the outbreak of the undead, a period of time not explored in too much depth so far in video games.

Overkill hinted that the role of the government will play an important part in the game’s story, with players exploring the city in order to work out exactly what happened. This too is something that even the comicbooks don’t delve into much detail on, meaning it will be very interesting for fans of the world to jump in and explore.

The game sounds very similar to Valve’s Left 4 Dead games which also pit four players against hordes of zombies. The difference between the two worlds is that most if not all zombies in The Walking Dead universe are slow, and only become truly dangerous in massive numbers.

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