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New accessory and style of play teased by Nintendo

Yesterday Nintendo teased a brand new accessory for the Nintendo Switch with a promotional trailer. The trailer showed many players using the accessory, but no details about the games they were playing were shown. The video ends with a message from Nintendo saying that more will be revealed about the accessory on September 12, 2019.

The promotional video shows players around the world using the new accessory to play various types of games. The actions they’re making all appear to be fitness focused, with running, yoga, and general movement proving to be a big part of how this accessory works.

The accessory itself appears to come in two parts. The first is a leg strap, which players attached to their upper thigh. Players also inserted a Joy Con into the thigh strap, which has a holster for the controller. The second part of the new accessory is a larger circle with what appears to have four places where Joy-Cons can be inserted.

The wheel section of the accessory seems to be highly durable, with players squeezing it, pulling it, and reshaping it. How these interactions will translate to gameplay remains to be seen, but it’s clear that at least some of them will be focused on fitness. The yoga moves in particular looked to use the location of each Joy-Con to direct players in their movements, helping them reach the perfect yoga form.

One inescapable aspect of this new accessory is that it’s almost certainly going to be used as a racing wheel. The Nintendo Wii had a purpose-built racing wheel accessory that the Wii Remote slotted into, allowing players to enjoy racing games whilst using a steering wheel to control their vehicles. This accessory, in addition to being used for various fitness experiences, will almost certainly be used for games such as Mario Kart 8, which comes as a standard bundle for most Nintendo Switch consoles.

The announcement of this accessory comes soon after Nintendo’s September Nintendo Direct conference. No mention of the accessory was made during the event, which could indicate that on September 12, 2019 even more games will be revealed for the Nintendo Switch, ones that specifically use this new accessory.

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