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Middle-Earth has sequel announced: Shadow of War

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, one of the most underrated games of 2014 has just had a sequel announced, Shadow of War. Not much is known about the sequel as of yet, though some details have leaked ahead of what must be planned as the game’s reveal debut at E3 2017.

Shadow of Mordor may have received great reviews but it certainly wasn’t seen to be a popular game. However it was awarded game of the year by many press outlets because of the fantastic individual stories the Nemesis system created, turning regular Orcs into powerful bosses to be feared for an entire playthrough.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor told the gritty story of the Ranger, Talion, who alongside his family is brutally murdered by the Black Hand of Sauron. However, his spirit merged with the wraith of the Elf Lord Celebrimor, and together they attempt to avenge the deaths of their loved ones. The game’s unique Nemesis system, which saw enemies rise in strength and authority if you fled a fight with them or fell to them, is what made it such a brilliant gameplay experience.

The new version of the Nemesis system is behind Shadow of War, but it will feature moth than Orcs and Uruk Hai this time around. The story of Shadow of War follows Talion once again, though it seems he and Celebrimor have been torn apart by Sauron. The two were forging a Ring of Power, for what purpose is unknown, but now Talion is in possession of this ring and he wants to reunite with Celebrimor. The new game draws closer to Sauron and his forces as they prepare to take Middle-Earth, meaning the enemies will range to Ringwraiths, trolls, ghosts, and maybe even Sauron himself.

From the special Mithril Edition we can see that there will be a season pass with the game, meaning there is almost certainly story DLC planned. This edition also comes with a statue of a Barlog fighting a dragon, which is an incredible thought in itself, a cloth map, lithographs, the official soundtrack, a replica ring, Orc tribe stickers, and finally an in-game Mithril war chest for bonus armour and weapons.

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