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The Mercenaries Saga coming to Nintendo Switch

Mercenaries Saga

Mercenaries Saga, a series published by Circle Entertainment, has been confirmed for a release on Nintendo Switch. Though no release date has been confirmed as of yet, Circle Entertainment have told fans to keep an eye out for more details soon.

The Mercenaries Saga originally released for mobile platforms and the Nintendo 3DS. Circle Entertainment has now confirmed via Twitter that the game will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch as a full trilogy. The game will package together all three titles for the first time on a home console, available to play on the go or on a big screen at home.

The second and third Mercenaries Saga games were first released for Nintendo 3DS in 2015, and the trilogy for Nintendo Switch will finally bring the first title to a console. The series was developed by Ridion Inc and the new version coming later in 2018 looks as though it will be as well.

The Mercenaries Saga games are tactical RPGS that put players in control of a team of allies. The game presents players with a deeply immersive tactical battle system that they must use to the fullest in order to take down all enemies they encounter. Outside of combat the games resemble early Final Fantasy titles, though with fully 3D worlds to explore and interact with.

While no gameplay has been shown it’s likely to that the Nintendo Switch versions will have improved, if not completely reworked, graphics in addition to a brand new control system. The power available to the developers on mobile devices and the 3DS was limited, but on Nintendo Switch they have the ability to push the console further than any other a Mercenaries Saga game has been on. This might even result in the inclusion of previously removed content.

The Mercenaries Saga Trilogy will be the first time the first game in the series has ever been released in English, with only Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle, and Mercenaries 3: Gray Wolves of War, being the only two games to release in English so far. In the second game players tae on the role of Claude in his effort to find an antidote for the poisoned Prince, and in the third game players fight in a war between two continents as the Kingdom Dogs.

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