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Luigi’s Mansion 3 footage shows new gameplay mechanics in action

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Switch - Wallpaper

A new video showing gameplay of Luigi’s Mansion 3 has surfaced. The video comes from Nintendo Everything, and shows some of the new features and gameplay mechanics.

The new video of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is packed with classic Luigi’s Mansion gameplay, showing Luigi shine his torch on ghosts, then proceed to suck them up using the Poltergust G-00, the hoover backpack he wears.

One feature that appears to be new with Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the ability to slam ghosts into the ground whilst they are caught in the Poltergust’s sucking range. The video shows Luigi slamming ghosts into the ground in order to bring their health down faster, in chunks of about 20 points. Further footage shows how this attack can also lower the health of other ghosts, making them easier for Luigi to capture later on.

A new jump boost that seems to be part of the Poltergust allows Luigi to clear areas, shown in a room with piles of leaves, and push enemies away, which is shown in a room where Luigi is surrounded by small red ghosts that are shaped like squares. This ability also helps Luigi avoid attacks as he moves about the mansion, with ghosts attempting to trip him up by moving the carpet under his feet.

Luigi will be able to shoot plungers in Luigi’s Mansion 3. He can then connect these to the Poltergust and remove obstacles, open stuck doors, and even break open huge watermelons. This item will be useful for uncovering secrets, and opening new areas.

Another ability Luigi seems to possess is the power to bring objects forth from the ghost realm. We see Luigi bring a telephone into reality, which spawns collectibles. It also looks like the phone is important to the game’s story, because Luigi picks up the receiver and uses it.

The footage also shows a boss, or mini-boss, from the upcoming game. This ghost is a chef, and players need to throw food at him in order to stun him prior to attacking with the Poltergust.

The game’s multiplayer is also featured in the footage. Up to eight players can compete in this multiplayer mode, with all of them attacking ghosts and slamming them into the ground around a large graveyard map. A swimming pool map, and another map that featured cannons were also shown in the footage.

The footage ends with some coop multiplayer gameplay. Four Luigis work together to clear a mansion floor by floor, collecting loot and attacking ghosts in unison. Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches on October 31, 2019, for Nintendo Switch, and is highly anticipated by both Switch fans, and the Luigi’s Mansion fanbase as a whole.

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