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Lost Boys Interactive opened a new studio in Austin, Texas

Lost Boys Interactive

Lost Boys Interactive, a co-development studio based in Wisconsin, has announced the opening of their new studio in Austin, Texas.

The new studio’s opening isn’t the only news that the developer has shared though. They’ve also announced that Tim Gerritsen will be joining as COO, and Chase Jones will also be coming into the company as Chief Design Officer.

The most recent role that Jones has held was as Design Director for System Shock 3, which may or may not be canceled right now, with Otherside Entertainment. Before this, Jones worked with Atlassian, Junction Point Studios, and Microsoft in a few different design roles.

The last role that Gerritsen held was with Fantasy Flight Interactive as Head of Studio. He also held the role of Studio Director for Irrational Games during the period when they created BioShock Infinite, a stunning and critically-acclaimed game. He has also previously been the Co-owner and Director of Business Development for Human Head Studios.

Shaun Nivens, CEO of Lost Boys Interactive explained that the Austin office opening will allow the company to access some of the best talent in the industry. The aim is to increase the development proficiency of Lost Boys Interactive, which is why the new office is so important for the company’s growth.

Nivens added that Austin and Madison, where the current Lost Boys Interactive studio is based, share a number of similarities in the communities that have been built up in the area. Each has great access to various markets for developers, and the type of talent that can help a developer create a truly outstanding game.

Lost Boys Interactive have a few original IPs, including Resist ZPOC, and Neverland Lost Adventures. But the best-known work that the company has done has been on better-known games such as Call of Duty Online, or PUBG.

As a co-development studio they have the opportunity to support other larger developers in specific aspects of their games. However, this new office seems to make it clear that Lost Boys Interactive wants to create best-selling games based on their own original IPs.

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