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Kingdom Hearts 3 sells over 600,000 copies in Japan

Kingdom Hearts 3

Despite there having been a 14-year gap between the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, the franchise’s reputation seems to not have suffered at all.

Gematsu recently shared sales figures from Media Create that showed Kingdom Hearts 3 sold 610,077 copies in its first week on sale in Japan. What makes this figure even more impressive is that it only counts physical retail sales of the game, meaning that with digital sales combined the game could well have sold far more copies.

These opening sales for Kingdom Hearts 3 eclipse those of another popular recent release, Resident Evil 2 Remake. Capcom’s latest title sold 252,848 copies at retail in its first week on sale. It’s worth noting that the game probably sold more copies than this digitally thanks to the one-shot demo Capcom released shortly before the final product.

The sales figures for both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are solely for PlayStation 4, because each game was only made available digitally for Xbox One.

The combination of these two new releases provided a boost to PlayStation 4 sales over the week. 52,644 Playstation 4 consoles were sold over the same time period, which beats the Nintendo Switch sales figure of 52,429 units. However, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware model due to the fact that the PlayStation 4 figures are a combination of base unit sales and PlayStation 4 Pro sales.

Over the week New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe was the third best-selling title. 57,725 copies were sold over the week, bringing the total units sold since it launched up to 312,869.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has shown that a franchise’s reputation can indeed make it as relevant and successful as newer triple A titles. The series has bounced between platforms over the years, beginning on PlayStation 2 whilst seeing more recent current releases on the Nintendo 3DS.

However with a franchise as big as Kingdom Hearts 3 it can be difficult for new players to understand the story of this latest entry. Thankfully a collection of the games has also been released digitally, which should help to boost the game’s sales even further.

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