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It Takes Two sold 2 million copies

It Takes Two

Developer Hazelight’s second game It Takes Two has now sold 2 million copies. The title is the second game to only be playable in co-op either in person or over the internet, and this many sales in such a short time after launch is very impressive.

It Takes Two launched on March 26, 2021. In just a couple of months, it shifted these 2 million copies of a co-op only game in an industry that many believe is more about online multiplayer madness than anything else.

The game tells the tale of two characters that two players must control individually. Through communication and simply being intuitive, players need to figure out how to complete puzzles and progress the story utilizing both characters.

Hazelight released a similar game called A Way Out. The game was only playable in co-op, with no bots or AI used to facilitate a solo playthrough. This is a unique approach for any developer, because it means that the game is immediately only playable for those who want to play with others.

The beauty of games like Call of Duty and Fortnite is that there are millions of players online at any given time. With a new title, particularly one like It Takes Two, you can’t guarantee how many players will be online. That’s why it’s so important to play with friends.

Luckily, It Takes Two facilitates the need for co-op by allowing players to share their game with their friends, and help bring together people who may live thousands of miles apart. It’s an approach that isn’t seen in the industry often, and seems to be paying off well for Hazelight.

As a studio, Hazelight has garnered some fame after the launch of A Way Out. The company is likely already hard at work on a new co-op game that will follow a similar set of rules to It Takes Two. As these games continue to stand out from the crowd, it’s unlikely that they’ll stop being made. In fact, they’re a nice palate cleanser between the larger multiplayer games out there.

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