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Graveyard Keeper announced

The first gameplay trailer for Graveyard Keeper, a cemetery simulator game from Lazy Bear Games, has been released. The game has a visual connection to the popular farming simulator Stardew Valley, but there are many more corpses in Graveyard Keeper.

As is expected there is farming to be done, locals to get to know and impress, alchemy, and resources to be gathered, but the core of the game is all about managing your own graveyard. Players must bury the dead, finding ways to cut costs to make money and put on extravagant shows such as witch burnings, pushing the locals more towards the church.

There are many ways to make money and save money by cutting corners. Players can put on festivals, but instead of paying for proper hotdog meat they can just use some of what they pulled out of the recent corpses they’ve buried.

Much like Stardew Valley there is a whole world to explore and understand, with quests to complete on top of the day to day running of your thriving graveyard business. Much like Stardew Valley there are complex dungeons that must be explored to find new items, rare resources, and even evil spirits that could assist you in your mission to please the church.

Around the world there are other businesses players can forge alliances with, which will earn them more money for their graveyard if they play their cards right. The local hospital could use some blood, and the player has loads of it lying around in the bodies they’re tending to, maybe it could be put to a better use? In the words of Lazy Bear Games.

However, players must be wary of just what they sell, because there’s every chance the limb, blood, or brains they give to someone might just end up poisoning half the general population. Then who will the people turn on when they see fingers floating in their festival soup, or a tooth in their pie? Visions of the mob turning up on Dr. Frankenstein’s doorstep come to mind, but it might also be possible to pin the mess on someone else, such as the church who also have access to all of these dead bodies.

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