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Enter the Gungeon reaches 3 million copies sold

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon developers Dodge Roll have announced that the game has now topped 3 million copies sold worldwide. The studio made the announcement through the game’s official Twitter account.

In addition to the news that the game has reached such a huge milestone, Dodge Roll also made two other announcements regarding games they have planned for 2020.

The first of these announcements was for Enter the Gungeon House of the Gundead, an arcade game that is planned for release later this year. The arcade game uses similar mechanics to Enter the Gungeon, with ever-changing weapons and random pickups, but instead of being a 2D dungeon crawler, this is a light gun game.

Enter the Gungeon House of the Gundead has been created in collaboration with Griffin Aerotech and Devolver Digital, and will be coming to arcades in early 2020.

The second announcement Dodge Roll made off the back of this sales milestone was for the game’s sequel, Exit the Gungeon. The game is similar to the original, but instead of giving players a dungeon to explore, it puts them in a series of elevators and tasks them with escaping.

Each hero must find their own way out of the Gungeon in Exit the Gungeon, with a unique path set out for each one. Players will have the ability to dodge away from enemies, loot useful armour and pickups, and use their ever-changing weapon to tackle whatever foes bundle onto their elevator to try and take them down.

Exit the Gungeon will also be releasing in early 2020, meaning that Dodge Roll has two new games in the same universe set to launch in the first half, maybe even the first quarter of the new year.

Enter the Gungeon has a large fan base and was praised by critics for the way the game’s mechanics make for interesting playthroughs in every run. The randomised dungeons and pickups mean that no two runs are ever the same, and Dodge Roll has planned for Exit the Gungeon and Enter the Gungeon house of the Gundead to be no different.

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