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Discovery launches Discovery Game Studios

Discovery Game Studios

Discovery Inc have announced that they will be launching their own game licensing and distribution company, Discovery Game Studios. The company’s primary purpose will be to serve Discovery Inc’s own games based on their properties.

12 games have already released for the new studio as it debuts, and there are about that many planned for release in the near future. These titles are based around various TV shows from Discovery’s properties, including Animal Planet, HGTV, TLC, and Discovery Channel.

Developers who have worked on past titles, and who are working on current titles in development, are; Ubisoft, Playway Games, Jam City, Gamga, and Code Horizon Studios. The titles that have already launched in the past include Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator, Gold Rush: The Game, Wheeler Deals, Red Crimes, Discovery #MINDBLOWN Space Mechanics, and Street Outlaws.

Future games in development right now are based around series such as Deadliest Catch, Naked & Afraid, and Moonshiners. What form these games will take, whether they’re simulators, adventure titles, or something else, remains to be confirmed.

Discovery Game Studios is going to be the epicenter for licensing Discovery’s properties for video games across all platforms, including PC, mobile, and home consoles. The studio’s goal is to distribute games on an international scale.

Matt Bonaccorso, Director of Marketing and Digital Products at Discovery Inc told press that the company is always looking for new ways for fans to interact with their favourite shows, and provide even more content around those shows. He went on to say that the studio’s goal is twofold. Firstly Discovery Game Studios wants to create innovative interactive experiences that fans will enjoy. Secondly the company want to build upon the worlds of each of their series so that they can build upon them.

Discovery Game Studios is being led by Ian Woods, currently Senior Vice President for the company. Woods said that he is incredibly proud to be leading this new team for Discovery Inc. He also said that he aims to add digital games to Discovery Inc’s broad portfolio of products, offering something for everyone everywhere.

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