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Death Stranding new trailer teases the story

A new trailer for Death Stranding, titled ‘The Drop’, has given fans a glimpse of what they’ll be doing in the game.

The trailer details Death Stranding’s protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, and his role in this world where a huge event has left societies stranded far apart from each other. With Sam, players will deliver packages across America in order to create new strands. According to the information in the trailer’s description, this process will reconnect a broken world, and save the human race.

In the trailer, Sam tells the viewer that reconnecting a broken world isn’t as simple as it seems. He references an enemy force in the game that will be attempting to stop him at every step, and the trailer shows who this enemy is.

The opposing force are dressed in yellow suits, an attire you’d usually associate with radioactive protection. These enemies pursue Sam as he runs from them, throwing spears that dig into the ground and burst open with an electrical trap, which Sam artfully dodges. Sam isn’t without his defences though, and the trailer shows this when he fires a weapon at one of the pursuers that pins them, and causes them to fall over.

Sam is then hit with a spear, and loses his package. A flashback shows Sam being given the package, and told how important it is. This indicates that while there will be many packages to deliver, these smaller ones in particular are what will open up the strands between communities.

The trailer ends with Sam walking out to see a huge being in the centre of a crater, connected to many strands that go into the ground around it. The being appears to be pulling at the Earth, with small chunks of it falling away into the sky above it.

Before the final shot, Sam is shown with all of his equipment engaged. The detector device comes online over his shoulder and points directly at the being. His BB lights up and warns him of the colossal enemy that’s nearby.

Whilst this trailer has made it clear that the reason for Sam delivering packages is to reunite the last living people in America, it’s left many more questions unanswered. Fans will have to wait until November 8, 2019, when Death Stranding launches, to get the answers they’re seeking.

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